Your choice between: Swedish, Sports, Segmental, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue or Quantum bodywork. By appointment only. (Please note that deep pressure bodywork will be an additional $10.00 If requested)

In Studio – 60 minute $80.00
In Studio – 90 minute $100.00
Home / Hotel – 75 minute $130.00
Home / Hotel – 90 minute $150.00


Your choice between: Swedish, Sports, Segmental, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue or Quantum bodywork. By appointment only. Please note that I massage one person at a time w/couples massage. (You’re welcome to stay in the studio with your other half while I am massaging them.)

In Studio 1 Person – 60 minute$80.00
In Studio 1 Person – 90 minute $100.00
In Studio 2 People – 180 minute $200.00
Home / Hotel 1 Person – 60 minute$115.00
Home / Hotel 1 Person – 90 minute $130.00
Home / Hotel 2 People – 180 minute $230.00
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A total pampering session using Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, and quantum touch for a total body relaxation session. This session is focused to give you peace of mind, stress relief, pain relief, relax and rejuvenate your body so you can be at your best for all the hard work you do.

This what I like to call the center of you. Your hands, feet, and head are related to every part of your body and your vital organs. This massage style is truly a gift to better living and relieving illness while promoting better circulation and energy meridian openings to boost better function of your entire body.

This session is a mixture of Sports, Swedish, and Deep Pressure to give you the best of three worlds for recovery and performance. These massage styles give different results for pain management and recovery, so you can back to functioning at the highest fitness level.

This session is focused to all the yard work & house work addicts that just can’t stop and generally that means sore backs, legs, arms, and necks. A mix of sports, segmental bodywork, stripping of muscles and followed by Swedish to give you a relaxing side to the muscles that just got worked.

This a detailed and specific massage concentrating on a particular part of your body. This can be an intense bodywork session in comparison to deep tissue. For example, working on your left or right shoulder or shoulders through various hand movements such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, and vibration. With continuous depths of pressure this modality is very medicinal and promotes a lot of healing throughout that particular area being worked.

This session is for those who like a gentler approach to massage. The massage is an hour, 90 min. or 2 hour vacation from life. It incorporates long flowing strokes of the body with a Lomi Lomi/invigorating style working the neck, light facial massage, including the jaw line and temple, shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings, and feet. All of us have seen that look, the look of someone sooo relaxed coming out of a massage. This is it!

This is a classic example of waking up in pain, or you move a certain way and have no idea how you hurt yourself. I don’t know what I did to my body, but this hurts here. I hurt my lower back, pain in my hip, there is tingling down my leg, or I can’t move my neck massage session. The session is a combo of segmental & deep pressure massage working specific muscle groups in specific areas, so you get the best hour, 90 min or 2 hour pain relief you can get!

Migraines are debilitating and will wreck your day. Most use aspirin and other medications including steroid shots. Those bandaids over big wounds, temporary and not a fix. What most don’t think about is getting a massage! The muscles and attachments underneath your E.O.P (external occipital protuberance) are directly related to migraines and tension headaches. If your at an 8-10 in pain, you’ll be half that or better when you leave.


Life coaching is an amazing path that I have been doing for the last three years. My entire purpose for coaching is to simply help people get out of their own way. It?s very rewarding to see people progress in life and push through obstacles that have been holding them back from succeeding. Life coaching can be intense and it can be fun. Sometimes there is laughing and at times crying with people’s personal breakthroughs depending on what we are covering in that session. You can’t grow unless you make changes & step out of your comfort zone. I’m here to help you get of your head and get grounded so you can be the best you! That’s why I am here, to make suggestions where it’s needed whether it’s intimacy issues, short or long-term goals, business goals or just life in general. I don’t complicate my coaching, I’m direct with compassion and you should have a deep desire to make progress in your life when you come to see me. I look forward to my time with you! Ask about our rates.

  • One on One sessions for 60 mins: $75.00
  • One on One sessions for 90 mins: $110.00
  • Group coaching: Please call for a rate.
  • Motivational speaking: Please call for a rate.



I offer a variety of workout tips, stretching and inflammation techniques to help you after you leave me so that the next time you come in your body is in a better place than it was when your first came in if you choose to use them. They make a difference with how your body functions. I also apply various stretches in my session to assist in your flexibility after you leave me. This is all upon request with your massage so please mention it if you want it and I will be happy to assist you.