To give you the best experience at Addixion Massage.

Hi everyone! You’re here to get the ultimate relaxation and the best pain relief you can and my entire purpose is to help you feel amazing and so you can get the best performance and health out of your body. A few suggestions to get a great session with me.

  • Please be on time so I don’t have to rush you out the door because another client is coming in after you.
  • Please tell me your name and what kind of a massage you’re looking for when inquiring about my services through text or by phone. I want to know a little about what you’re looking for and if I can provide you what you’re wanting out of my bodywork.
  • Please schedule in advance with me. The night before or morning time is the best time to get in a session for that day. I get really busy and Its challenging to fit people in at the last minute.
  • Please come clean as you can because I don’t offer a shower.
  • No inappropriate questions please.
  • Feel free to unwind and talk about life or be in peace and quiet when you’re on my table. It goes without saying that any talks about life are in confidentiality.
  • I love feedback about my bodywork.

I’m here to give it my all in my bodywork each and every time. Some people go to yoga, this is my yoga working on you. See you soon!